Glass door handle installation steps

To install the glass door handle, you first need to prepare the tools: screwdriver, screw, pen (for marking).

glass door handle.jpg

1. Make a mark

First lay the glass door flat, make a mark in the place where the glass door handle (Xibixin) is to be installed in advance, and use electricity to reload the corresponding specifications of the diamond bricks with water to pierce the water.At this time, pay attention to protection to prevent the glass from breaking. If it is not tempered glass, use a 10mm glass drill bit to measure the hole distance of the handle (center to center, mark on the glass, watering and drilling.

Second, hit glass glue

Then apply a little glass glue to the part where the handle is inserted into the glass. When the handle is assembled, its root is close to the glass and then press the fixing screw to ensure that the handle is not loose.

Third, screw

When installing the handle later, start from the outside and tighten the long screw of the handle inside. Don't leave the screw of the handle outside, so that the handle can be removed from the outside. The connection part of the handle should not be too tight when inserted into the hole, should be Loose; if the insertion is too loose, you can wrap soft tape on the insertion part.

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