How to fix the glass railing without column?

Today, on the basis of traditional glass railings, designers have some more unique designs, such as postless glass railings, which not only show the clear and bright aesthetic characteristics of glass, but also are very safe and durable. How to fix the glass railing without pillars like this?

Balustrade Railing Glass Clamp.png

Common glass railings are composed of stainless steel tubes, stainless steel uprights, stainless steel railing glass clamps, glass, and railing handrail accessories. When installing, as long as the stainless steel post is fixed firmly, the entire glass railing can be very firm.

Generally, there are two ways to install stainless steel railings without columns: one is to use stainless steel and aluminum alloy card slots for installation and fixing, and the other is to use stainless steel glass clips for fixed installation.

The first thing to install with a slot tube is to fix the bottom and measure the thickness of the glass. Generally, the glass is tempered glass or tempered laminated glass, and the thickness is generally above 5mm. To bear the weight of the glass, it is used as a fixed bottom slot The thickness of the steel plate should be more than 5mm, and the groove width depends on the thickness of the glass. Fix the glass with a rubber block at the bottom and fix it with structural glue.

Finally, the stainless steel railing glass clamp is installed. Because the glass clamp has different sizes, the thickness of the glass needs to be measured first, and then the stainless steel glass clamp of the corresponding size is selected according to the thickness of the glass.

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