The difference between glass hinge and glass hinge

These are two different pieces of hardware. Hinges mostly refer to tools that connect movable parts and fixed parts, such as hinges connecting doors and walls. Hinges can be used to connect fixed objects and movable objects, and are often used to connect movable objects. The hinge should be loose and longer than the loose leaf. The loose leaf is fixed while moving.

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1. The function of the hinge is completely connected with the hinge during the opening of the window, so people often call the hinge a hinge (hinge in English), but the hinged sash only rotates, and the hinged sash Both rotating and moving simultaneously. In many cases, hinges and hinges can replace each other, but in some special cases, hinges must be used. For example, hinges are generally used for inverted windows, and hinges are generally difficult to meet the requirements of super-large casement windows (large windows like doors). Force requirements, at this time need to use multiple hinges to bear the force.

2. The hinges are mainly installed on doors and windows. Hinges are more installed in cabinets; according to the classification of materials, they are mainly divided into stainless steel hinges and iron hinges. In order to let people enjoy better, hydraulic hinges have appeared, which are characterized by a certain buffer and minimize noise.

3. When the hinge is used on the window, because it cannot provide friction like a hinge, it is often used together with another strut to prevent the wind from blowing back and damaging the window when the window is opened; and The hinge is different, it can provide a certain amount of friction, so it can be used alone, and the hinge used on the casement window is slightly different from the hinge used on the upper rotating window, and the length of the outer arm connected to the window frame is different .

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